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Cynthia Price in her recent article talked about five email marketing trends that all marketers must adhere to. Email marketing has changed a lot and it is expected to further advance in 2016 too. There are a lot of email marketing trends from the last year that will take control of 2016.

Here are five email marketing trends that you shouldn’t go without this year.

1. Personalized Emails

Nobody likes receiving generic emails. This is the reason a lot of email marketers are now using tools like Milled to personalize email marketing campaigns.

2. Mobile Emails

Target mobile users as much as you can as this is the next big thing. Make sure your emails are viewable on small screens besides large screens.

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3. Automation

Marketers will start using automation tools to get most from their campaigns by reducing the amount of work done. You should get on with email automation in 2016.

4. Interactive Emails

Instead of sending traditional emails, marketers are now using videos, visual interaction and dynamic images to boost the effectiveness of their campaigns. This has shown some nice results.

5. User-Generated Content

Finally, user-generated content will take over email marketing in 2016. In fact, some of the brands like Revolve are already using this type of content. But it will go on and will reach your subscriber’s inbox soon.

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This is what email marketers are up to and this is what you should be doing or, at least, must be ready to do in coming years.

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Feature image by Pixabay