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Small businesses have one thing in common – they have low budget. With not much to spend, small businesses struggle to market themselves. When you don’t have money in the pocket, marketing ideas do not matter.

Here are 5 marketing tips for small businesses.

Market Research

Market research is free or at best, very low-budget activity. Market research saves you from throwing a bad product in the market. Don’t ignore it.

Plan Well

Unfortunately, most of the small businesses don’t plan and the ones that do, they do it ineffectively. You don’t need an advisor rather you can do all the planning yourself.

A well-charted plan can save you thousands if not millions.

Go Mobile

If you have a website, make it responsive. If you send emails to your subscribers, send responsive emails. Do everything to reach mobile users as not doing so will result in loss of customers.

Smart Social Media Marketing

Be on social networks. While large businesses can maintain social media accounts on several networks, small businesses simply can’t and shouldn’t. Just be on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Build an Email List

Start building an email list if you are not doing so already. A list of subscribers who are interested in your business and/or products will always help you in bringing more money in the loop.

These five low-budget marketing tips for small businesses doesn’t end here, the list continues. But being a small business owner, you should restrict yourself and must not indulge in too much stuff all at once.


Featured Image: Marktding