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Guest blogging happens to be one of the best ways to generate traffic and to get backlinks. But it all comes down to where your guest posts are being published.

Posting on blogs with low authority, less traffic and mediocre content will not help much. And if you look at some top authority blogs/websites for guest posting, you will find a hard time getting there.

Here are 5 steps to publishing guest post on authority websites for getting traffic, link juice and for brand awareness.

1. Find guest posting opportunities

Find relevant websites. Check the details of the website including its domain authority, page authority, OBU links and see if it accepts guest posts.

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Also, take a look at some of the already published guest posts.

2. Choose a topic

Choose a topic for the guest post that must align to the host website’s niche and to your niche.

3(a). Pitch idea

Contact the website with your idea. An outline of the guest post is considered enough. Tell them about the word count, number of links you will insert, number of pictures and/or videos to be used and any other details.

3(b). Follow up

If you don’t get reply from the editor, send a follow up email after a week or so. If you don’t get a reply after reminder, it means editor is not interested. Move on to the next one.

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4. Submission

Once you get a green signal from an authority website for guest posting, send complete article with author bio and relevant details in no more than two days.

5. Promote

In case of authority blogs, you don’t have to do much with the promotion but it is always considered good. Promote your guest post on social networks and at some other places.


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