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Planning to start a blog? Not sure which blogging platform to choose?

Choose one from these 9 most famous blogging platforms.

9. Blogger

Owned by Google and is one of the best in the game. Simple, free and easy-to-use.

8. Wardrobe

Though it is still being development but it is good. Minimalistic and fairly simple.

7. Ghost

It comes with a lot of features that are normally not found with other platforms such as author invitation. It is a bit expensive as compared to others so make sure you have the bucks in your pocket.


The blogging platform by Evernote. If you love Evernote and have already given it 5 stars, you will love too. It is a feature-rich platform.

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5. Postahaven

If you are looking for a cheap platform to get started, try Postahaven. Not as easy to use as others but it definitely comes with some nice features.

4. Tumblr

It doesn’t need much introduction. One of the most used blogging platform with tons of people on board. Your posts will get a lot of exposure right away.


Best for beginners. Super-simple and extremely popular. You will see a lot of bloggers starting their journey from

2. Svbtle

While it is not free but it is not way too expensive like some of the others in the list. It is always being improved so you will keep seeing new features every now and then.

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And the number one in the list of 9 most famous blogging platforms is ……


1. Medium

Created by the co-founder of the Twitter, Medium is truly a classic platform to work on. It is fun and easy-to-use.


Source: Insider Monkey

Image: Ben Coombs