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Thinking of taking a trip with your family on a weekend, that’s a cool idea. But are you worried that you may miss your favorite TV shows which you watch in weekends. Here is the solution for your worries. You can get headrest dvd player to enjoy your road trip with a small TV. Actually it is not a Television but it can play a role of television.

In simple it is a DVD player which can be connected to internet and can stream all your wanted stuff from online. You may want to see news, weather report or a movie. This gadget is more useful for all your needs. It is simple like tab and even children can operate it. The special features are

  • User friendly
  • Two DVD screens
  • Good sound quality
  • Better video display
  • Non complicated wires
  • Best battery life
  • Various ports
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These are available in headrest player for making your family trip more fun and interesting.


As it is a human nature or curiosity that before buying a product we like to know the price and specifications. As the standard specifications are given above and may change accordingly to different providers. Even touch screen display is also available in new In-car entertainments. The cost of the product is more important. The cost starts from $87 and keeps on increasing until all our satisfied needs are met.

Bonus features

The better way to keep our children quiet while driving is these DVD players have got video games in it. There are two types of video games

  • 8-bit video game
  • 32-bit video game
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The game ranges from

  • Educational games
  • Board games
  • Card games
  • Strategy games

They can be available in two types of bits. The more bit you choose the more you can keep your child quiet. Visit for purchasing DVD player with 32 bit gaming software.