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MicoClerk is yet another freelance marketplace like Fiverr. If you have been selling on Fiverr, it is time to put your gigs on this new marketplace too. MicoClerk launched its freelance marketplace where sellers can offer their products/services (digital) and buyers can purchase these services.

According to a press release distributed by SBWire, MicroClerk has started its operation globally. Good news for freelancers who are already doing well on Fiverr as they now have a new digital marketplace to sell their services/products.

Here is an excerpt from the original press release.

“MicroClerk today has introduced its new Freelance Marketplace Website that aims to provide an exclusive and competitive platform for buyers and sellers alike, for the exchange of digital goods and services. The site features a secure, intuitive, and easy to use platform, allowing buyers and sellers to trade on the website with just a few clicks, not to mention their absolutely competitive rates!”

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Is MicroClerk Better Than Fiverr?

Well in some ways, it is.

  • MicroClerk accepts Payza (as a withdrawal method) which is a good news for most of the sellers who are unable to sell on Fiverr due to unavailability of PayPal in their home country.
  • It charges 15% flat fee on all transactions whereas Fiverr charges 20% flat fee.
  • There is no $5 cap so you can sell your gig for a higher price if you think it has more worth.

But of course, MicroClerk is new and it doesn’t get as much traffic as Fiverr so if you decide to put up some of your gigs there, you will have to do some initial marketing yourself until MicroClerk becomes an authority.