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When it comes to air conditioning, you will catch that installation, maintenance and preservation of the equipment is most concerning for national as well as commercial users.

 In an office environment if the air conditioners are not occupied the employees find it very difficult to work. In fact, office environmental conditions that are not favorable for work are mostly not chosen by employees and that can also be a reason for high employee income. You can contact us here now via to know about air conditioner services.

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A majority of households have essential heating in their homes and they also choose to have air conditioners in their cars and other vehicles. Air conditioning needs to be impeccable so that people feel comfortable.

The perfect temperature for light work in factories is 16C/61F. The ideal temperature for office and dining rooms is 20C/68F. The ideal temperature for dense work in factories is 13C/55F and for hospital wards and shops, it is 18C/64F.

For specific countries, you will have to check the ranges from the internet. You can use keywords such as air conditioning Cambridge hire, air conditioning Kent, or air conditioning Oxfords hire ideal working temperatures to get the preferred ranges.

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The above-mentioned temperature ranges are unofficial ranges and may depart as per the requirements.

In the UK, the enforceable working temperature is between 13C/55F and 16C/61F. It is important that employees are aware of this range because they can refuse work if the ambient temperature is not within this range. If the working temperature is not within the set range, an employer gets an hour's grace to make sure that the temperature is brought to the allowable range.