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Akitas are big and powerful dogs, who have such noble and intimidating aura around him. As the name would suggest, the dog originates from Japan. Originally, they were used for guarding the royals and nobles of the feudal in Japan. Some would also use the Akitas for tracking and hunting wild animals, like boards, black bears, and occasionally deer. The Golden Retriever, who thrives on the best dog food for Golden Retrievers, is also used for these purposes. 

This dog is fearless and loyal, the traits that make him the perfect guardian for any family. When he is faced with challenges, an Akita will not back down, as he is not frightened so easily. As stern as he is, Akita is also affectionate towards his loved ones, respectful towards his owners and amusing towards whom he considers friends. If you are good enough to give him proper training and take him out for socializing at a young age, all of these traits would show themselves. 

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Big and bold, Akita dogs are distinct among other dogs, unlike the Poodles who thrive on the best dog food for poodles. They have a really powerful appearance, appearing with a large head, in contrast with the two of small and triangular eyes. As he stands, there is always a confident and rugged stance emitted from his presence. Just by being there, an Akita would cause the deterrence to those who want to cause troubles. 

The thing that makes Akitas famous is probably their firm loyalty to their owners. To family members, Akitas are surprisingly sweet and affectionate towards whom he considers family members. Can you imagine it, a loving protector who can follow you anywhere, room to room, house to house, as if his entire life mission is to protect and serve you. In our opinions, Akita is one of the best dog breeds there is with their impressive character traits.