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Mika protests again, but Yu also says that he will never leave his family behind just to save himself, just the thing that the hero in the Read boku no hero academia manga would do. To do so, he stabs his body to fully the power of the angel inside him, no matter what the risk will be. Hence, Yu becomes a Seraph. Kurt did not like this too much, since this is the power than can eliminate the world again. However, Yu seraph was sow powerful that he could not do anything about it. A really beautifully drawn blaze of glory blinded us, and Kureto has failed. All frustrated, Kureto throws up a tantrum and wanted to attack Yu all by himself, but hilariously fail as Asuramaru was able to bring Yu back to normal before the transformation is complete. 

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Yeah, I know all of this sound crazy, but hold your horse as all just going to get stranger, as Mika and Krul use the confusion of the situation to grab Yu, but there was Crowley to stop them. Krul kills the guy in one hear the beat, and then Ferid drinks up her blood by sneaking to her from behind. Well, at least Crowley is not dead, the manga shows. Ferid tells everyone that Krul is the traitor to the whole vampires community, so he orders the other vampires to kill what is left of the army, while Kureto and Guren tried to get Yu. But then, Narumi appeared, helping the whole gang to escape, leaving only Mirai behind. 

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Four months later, the vampires and the army are still working individually. Yu and his accompanies decided to go back to rescue Mirai and Guren in the battle field. The end. Surprise? Me, too, as this is nowhere near the end. At least the company could put some bizarre thing here, but the end consists none of that, only some heads for us to scratch. Like, what is the point of skipping the time at the end of he series, if that solves nothing at all? Why at the last minutes, we still did not know who is dead and who is not? May as well read the Read shokugeki no shoma manga to cleanse our souls, then.