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Australia is quickly becoming one of the most popular countries to migrate to. But with the strict eligibility requirements and careful screening of applicants for skilled migration individuals are searching for other potential ways to enter Australia. Among the choices for people with family in Australia is the Family migration flow. Some of the most common visas would be the Partner Visa and the Parent Visa.

Australian Family Visa Stream

For the Partner Visa, you may apply on the basis of your union or de facto relationship to the Australian Permanent Resident or Citizen. There's also a Prospective Marriage for fiancés of Australian permanent residents or Citizens.

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The Spouse Visa and the De Facto Visa fall under the same visa subclass and for that reason have the exact requirements.

When partners aren't married they have to maintain a de facto relationship that also includes same relationships. To qualify for this kind of partner visa they need to devote themselves as husband and wife and discuss life together with the exception of all others, and they must have lived together for at least 12 months before the application is lodged. An application of the subclass can be lodged either inside or outside Australia.

The Prospective Marriage Visa is for the fiancé of an Australian host. The requirements include the applicant evidencing their intention of marrying an Australian Permanent Resident or Citizen.

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Also, both parties will need to have met in person and the Australian host must have no impediments to marrying under the Australian legislation. The planned union must also be known to family and friends, and the applicant must agree to marry the host within 9 months from the date of visa grant.