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There is always the possibility of getting into an accident while working, specially when you are hired at a dangerous workplace. This is common on construction sites, manufacturing plants, and mining areas but still possible to happen in other places. Being involved in one could result into getting some injuries, being disabled or even fatalities.

That is why protecting your employees is important for them to receive assistance when they get affected by an accident. One way of doing this is to look for long term disablitily solutions New England insurers are offering. This helps workers with their medical expenses to ensure they could go back to work as soon as they possibly can after getting an appropriate treatment.

This covers a part, around fifty to seventy percent, of the income of an employee when they have become seriously ill or injured. Having this is helpful if they could not work for a longer period but it is not applicable if they were hurt outside of their job. This plan usually starts when the short term disability policy had run out.

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The plan usually starts around ten to fifty three weeks after the event, which is eligible for this, and 26 weeks being the average. There are different choices on who will be paying for this with the companies usually paying this in full before. But now the cost and tax for it varies based on the option you have chosen.

Among the most important aspects of the benefits package is the disability insurance and majority of employers tend to offer the long term program. This is funded by a third party administrator like an insurer for disabilities. Employers are able to choose the value of the coverage their employees would get with most plans covering fifty to seventy percent of their salaries.

The duration of being able to get the benefits could also extend with some paying out for five to ten years if that person is qualified. Others even pay out until they reach the age of 65, depending on their rate schedule. Certain occupations determine the value of their coverage and employers have the ultimate responsibility of providing their workforce with an appropriate one.

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If you want a third party to handle these things for your employees then look for insurance companies with this service offered. Do not forget to input your location in the text box when using online search engines to have the results filtered. Doing this ensures the results shown are those operating near you.

You could request for recommendations from your friends, family members and associates who are knowledgeable in this area. They will give you advices based on their experiences in dealing with certain companies and recommend those they liked better. Knowing these things is an advantage as you can use this to make a better decision when choosing.

Inquire on the cost for their plans to know how much you will pay for each of your employees. You may choose to pay for it fully, let your workers do so, or share it between you both. Determine which is the better option for your company.