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One best travel site to go to and apparently, tourists kept coming back is the island near the province of Leyte and that is the Kalanggaman or Calanggaman Island. Locals in the area takes pride of what they had been protecting since and turned out that the island is now one of the best place to stay and even spend the rest of their vacation in the island. Over time, the island remained and appeared as untouched as ever thus giving more positive vibes to tourists during their stay. It has the best fine white sand which is perfect for long walks on the shore. What’s unique on the sand is that even under the scorching heat of the sun, the sand is not too hot to inflict pain because of how hot it is.

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Since it is very obvious up to date that foreign and non-local tourists keep coming in to spend their vacation in the island, locals are making sure the demands are met while maintaining the beauty of the island. On the same page,   Kalanggaman Island tour package   and or bundle is made available to them for their convenience. Their itineraries are already set and that includes as well the things to do in the island. Since Kalanggaman is well-known to have the most diverse marine ecosystem, tourists who are in to snorkeling, free diving and recreational diving will definitely enjoy such activity. Fish sanctuaries are also surrounding the island that is why it has the best underwater community of marine species.