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First of all I want to commend you for doing your part in helping this planet! By now we should all know how important recycling is not for us but especially for future generations like our children, nieces, nephews and cousins. Many of our resources are going to become near extinct in the future and demand will far outstrip supply if we don't all do our part today. Now when it comes to recycling there are generally 2 distinct types of recyclers. You have your business office recycling and you also have your home recycling which also includes outdoor recycling. The easiest and most common method of recycling is to store your recyclable items in special recycling containers. We have a come a long way from when recycling first started to take off about 15-20 years ago and although it still isn't something everyone is happy doing, today it's more common then ever. Back in he day the containers only came in a standard boxy blue color and people were fine with that. However as time went on, more companies started demanding more visually pleasing bins, as they wanted to place them in offices without turning their visitors off or making them go to sleep from the boring looking containers.

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These days pretty much any color, size and shape can be found in recycling container form! As far as colors go, you can get any color you wish but if ordering in bulk it may take some time. Your more standard colors should be available for purchase straight off the gate and they include, brown, dark blue and gray. Regarding styles here we have just as much choice. You have your standard rectangular upright shaped container which don't normally come with lids. You also have ones that come with lids of course and also double slotted tubs which have one side for your garbage and the other side to place your paper waste in. Other options available to you are the hanging basket style, stackable containers, wall mounted containers perfect for your garage and even those that come with wheels so you can cart around. If you require a specific size or volume of trash you need stored then there is no need to worry. From small 1.5 gallon mini baskets to large 25 gallon tub containers, you'll easily find the right size for your needs. You can also get balers for rent.

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As you can see, if recycling is something important to you (as it should be) you really can't go wrong with buying recycling containers. Most can be bough cheap under $30 and that is for the strong rubbermaid containers. If money is a problem but you still want to take part, you can always opt for the cheaper cardboard compactor rental style which will still do the job! Ordering online is your best option as you can carefully select from many styles and find containers which match your exact preferences and budget.