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We have brought with us into the 21st century a number of ancient roommates that have shared our nests since the day of the cave. Not surprisingly, many of them gravitate toward the kitchen. Once inside these visitors are often very difficult to get rid of. The best strategy to keep roaches out of your nest is to exclude them in the first place.

In addition to excluding this pest from you house or from your food involves changing the manner in which we store our organic wastes. Waste management has two aspects, both equally difficult because they involve changing life-long attitudes and habits of sanitation, cleanliness and garbage disposal. You can also look for to get the brief information or maybe get expert advice.

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Roaches evolved as scavengers and prefer carbohydrates to fats and protein. But, when hungry, they will eat almost anything. The key to long-term cockroach control is reduction of sources of food, water and harborage roaches need to survive.

Store kitchen waste and food in containers with tight fitting lids and give the kitchen a periodic, all-inclusive cleaning. Focus on areas where grease accumulates: drains, vents, ovens and stoves. After each meal or snack, wipe the surfaces clean and then wipe them dry.

If it is necessary to go to guns and use pesticides your best bet is to buy boric acid dust. You can find it in the pest control sections of most stores. Make sure you look at the percentage of the boric acid in the bottle. The higher the percentage means you are getting the purest product. Lightly dust the area around and under your appliances. You should start finding dead roaches in a couple of days.