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The general duties of a legal assistant in estate planning and administration involves gathering and recording of financial information for use by the attorney in his advisory function in estate planning and his guidance in the administration of a decedent's estate.

Some common types of matters that are handled by an estate planning paralegal are as follows:

1) Interview your client for information. Once you gather client's information, try to talk with the attorney and gather facts. After this, try to draft a will.

2) Try to draft the initial inventory of assets and appraisal documents. You can hire cheap Santa Barbara probate lawyer through

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3) Research the federal tax laws and their ramifications for possible application in the estate planning process.

4) Preparing memorandum regarding the estate planning for the attorney;

5) Try to draft initial the initial trust agreements.

6) Review and update wills to keep abreast of the changes to the law and/or the status of the client.

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Some types of matters that are handled by a paralegal for administration of a decedent's estate would be:

1) Try to interview the client for information after the client's initial interview with the attorney; gathering facts; and assembling assets in preparation for the probate of a will or intestate (without a will) administration of a deceased client's estate.

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2) Gathering a list of assets and preparing a court inventory.

3) Developing financial data required for the completion of the appropriate state and federal tax returns;

4) Accumulating marketing, acquiring, listing and inventory of the assets of the estate.