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Addis Ababa 

We arrived at the airport at 3.30am. We had not booked any accommodation due to our early arrival so we stayed at the airport till about 7 am. A taxi agreed to take us into the city for USD$10. We went to the Ras Hotel where we had to wait till 9 am to see if they had a room. 

Travel Tip: We stayed at the Ras Hotel 3 times due to its central location. The price includes breakfast which is awful but lunch and dinner are good.

Bahir Dar 

We stayed at the Ghion Hotel on Lake Tana and did a boat cruise to the islands to see the painted churches. The Blue Nile Falls area is pretty but not worth the long bumpy ride to get there. Since damming the river, the waterfalls are certainly nothing like the posters show. 

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Travel Tip: Check if a guide is included with your Lake Tana boat cruise.


The abandoned castles are very interesting and it is worth hiring the guides inside the gate. 

Travel Tip: We stayed at the Belz Pension which was cheap, clean and quiet but the rooms were very small and cramped. They do your washing for a very small fee – give to the cleaners in the morning.  And before I move forward with all the other tips I would suggest that you should once look for a good budget travel blog from here or find one online.

Simien Mountains 

We did a one day 4WD day trip with another traveler and our guide Samson. 

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Travel Tip: We would have liked to have stayed overnight even though we are not trekkers, as the scenery is stunning.