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Matt McCue is a senior writer at 99U. He recently posted five questions to ask before you go freelancing. These five questions make sense and if you are planning to jump into freelancing, make sure you have logical answers to these questions.

Question 1: Why I want to become a freelance?

Sit down and ask yourself, why in the world you want to become a freelancer? What’s in it for you? Why do you want to go independently?

Question 2: Define your product and target market?

Being a freelance, you become a product. So before you think of it, just ask what capabilities or special skill(s) you have that qualify you to become a product? Who will be your target audience? What specific niche or a group of people/business you want to serve to?

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Question 3: How you can do better?

How can you do better than the employees working with your target company and how you can do better with other freelancers in the market?

Question 4: Do you have the guts to work independently?

Are you a good manager? Are you good at managing time?

Question 5: Do you have the resources and contacts?

Do you have the networks and contacts to give you an initial boost? Do you have a marketing strategy to help you get started?

If you don’t have an answer to at least one of these questions, freelance is not the right thing for you. It is strongly recommended to at least answer these five questions before you go freelancing to avoid lethal consequences.

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Featured Image Credit: Bryon Lippincott