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There are many things a golfer would do to make their golf swings better, including buying the best golf clubs for beginners. however, there are many people who tend to believe anyone and anything that promises on a better swing. Back in their mind, they probably know that all these promises are too good to be true, but the passion and desires keep growing on them and blind the sense of judgment. 

There are many fads regarding improvement for a better golf swing. There is even something call the Stack and Tilt, which is so ridiculous that it is  a miracle someone would buy them. But it did become a fad, and people did bring it into a trend. Just some snake oil salesman thought this thing up and there are still millions who would pay for such garbage. It is now has been thrown over the dumpster of millions of other golf fans, however, there's another one replacing it. Why don't people just invest for the real things like best golf shoes for walking?

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A few years ago, the whole United States of America was in the frenzy of real estate. If you are not in it, then you must be missing something, and that thing is big. That's the way marketing works. And golfers are, more than often, lured by the marketers to spend their money on this frenzy. This trend is over for like 6 months, but there are still people going to it, like a kid arrives at the party at 4 m, while everyone else left at 1 pm. "Hey, this is great, why are you leaving it already?" "pal, the party is over, the fun has ended, we ate all the cakes and opened all the presents. It was not good, there were too much frosting and sugar, and the cake was not enough". But the foolish kid, like a normal golfer, would just say, "But I'm hungry, anything is good"