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If you are considering to be free from eyeglasses or contact lenses, then laser eye surgery procedure is the best thing for you.

However, being zapped with high-energy lasers has its cost and it isn't just about the business. For more information about eye laser surgery, you can visit at

Though the Laser eye surgery complications can impact anybody who chooses to undergo this kind of procedure and one should be completely knowledgeable and prepared for such risks, unless, it could drive to some very dangerous surprises.

By far, a common laser eye surgery complication is constant dry eyes. This is due to the fact by the laser itself that not only burns off the internal corneal tissue but also separates the corneal nerves that provide the tear glands.

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This ends in a lack of feedback to the mind, which would usually signal the generation of tears, and thus dry eye symptoms occur.

Eye drops directed to you after laser eye surgery procedure should be done to relieve the signs of dry eye, such as discomfort, itching, red, a sensation of something in the eye and a sensibility of the eye sticking to the eyelid.

If you still feel constant dry eyes after 6 months after surgery, then it is possible to be a lasting side effect. Regular appointments with the doctor prior to 6 months after operation should have stopped such conflicts from happening.If you want to know other benefits and complications of laser eye surgery, you can hop over to this website.

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Another one of the most popular laser eye surgery difficulties is debilitating eye conditions. This shows itself as night dazzle, haloes, starbursts and soul vision. Night glare is the enhanced glare effect at night, which usually means an increased improvement time to light.

This appears in increased glare impacts and makes it very tough to see at night, particularly in the presence of light.

Haloes also occur around lights and it normally shows itself as light rings around these lights. Starbursts are related to haloes but that the lights appear to emit a sparkling or extreme shining effect, in the same form, an especially bright star in the sky would seem.