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Laser eye surgical treatment, to badly summary the Clash song ‘should I go for it or should I not’? It does not problem how rational I tried to be when I endeavored to answer that question as sensitive factors would always cloud my decision. Click at to know What Causes Cataract?

I could tell myself that it is like flying, large numbers of people do it every day securely without any harm happening them. There would always continue a nagging doubt lurking somewhere in the back of my head concerning how innocent it actually is.

The urban myth that during the process you can smell your eyes burning did not make me want to rush out and sign up for laser eye cure. The idea of smelling my eyes burning is not approximately that I ever wanted to experience.

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To help me with my choice I wrote a list of pros and cons. The column for the pro’s outweighed that of the cons by a substantial distance. That though was still not enough to make me take the plunge and commit to signing up to get it done. The real problem that I had was that I am afraid of having it done. The thought of anyone or everything going near or touching my eye fills me with real terror.