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People consider street art and graffiti as same. Even in the artistic circle, these two are used interchangeably and refers as the “art on the streets”. Yet, however there are significant differences which separates the two. “Graffiti predates street art and street art draws its inspiration from graffiti” states Stansky.

Graffiti artist are self-taught and on the other hand street artist have formal trainings. Both uses street walls as their canvas to showcase their artistic taste and their ability. Street art graffiti is the word based whereas street art is image based. Street art purposefully intend to beautify the urban environment. But graffiti is more of a tag to specify a community or a person.

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Urban landscape is now becoming more and more familiar with street art and graffiti. Market is meeting its demand and supply chain of art work according to increasing art work lover. You can visit any city with beautiful street art work but we really start appreciating it when we are with tour guides. We start loving the art when we are being introduced to it with more details.

Artist have started getting more recognition with increasing level of street art acceptance and its lover. One can now start perusing it as the career with many street art exhibitions taking place everywhere in the world. Artist from around the world comes and takes part in such exhibition. Main purpose of such exhibition is to present world class street art work and motivate such artist and adding more recognition to them in this field.