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Aluminium boats had started selling in the markets from the year 1960 onwards. The method to prevent degradation of aluminium by the sea water had just been discovered. Magnesium and silicon were added in the process of manufacturing aluminium. The discovery of aluminium boats marked the beginning of its competition in the world market.


Australia is known for is diverse marine industry and thus there are several boat building industries. With the rise in the trend aluminium boats, the aluminium boat manufacturers in Australia also increased. They have an edge over other boats.

  • They are light in weight. This makes it easy to carry them to and fro in the water. It is also an added advantage as they are transported by trailers.
  • Aluminium last for a longer duration. Thus the main structure of the boat will last long making it a good investment for the owner. It has a good resale value compared to boats manufactured from other materials.
  • It is not necessary to paint inner of aluminium boats. Painting the outer side will protect it from moisture. You can also leave it unpainted and still it will be in good condition and easier to maintain.
  • Aluminium is stronger than steel, therefore, it can withstand more force before it distorts or buckles. It is not much affected by the pounding of waves or when in friction with rocks.
  • As it is light in weight, a gallon of gas goes further, either in the motor of the boat or in the vehicle that transports it to the water.