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Solar streetlights are not new services. Usually, the system contains street lamps, solar panel, solar controller, batteries, arm, pole, wires and so on.

You may find some projects in your city. They can save all electricity cost and resources. It looks like great. You may think we should use solar street lamps everywhere. However, why are they not so popular.

1. Why don’t you so common now

The key reason is cost. Once the power consumption of road lights is 60-Watt, it needs 150 Р170 solar power and 2 units 80 Ah batteries. The cost is near USD 1, 000. The price will be a tiny remarkable if the energy consumption is bigger, including 150 Watt. Several places can not accept the price. Get cheap solar panels for your home from online reliable websites.

However, as HPS street lights that are conventional, the energy consumption is normally 400W or 60W, 80W, 150W, 250W. Thus, the cost is high in most of the instances. The price can not be accepted by many places.

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2. Technology

In the past couple of years, LED streetlights are more and more common. They use LED (Light Emitting Diode) as light sources. Researching with standard HPS lights, LED lamps may save 50%- power. Like, 110W, 60W, 30W and 160W LED lamps may replace 250W, 150W, 80W and 400W HPS bulbs.

3. Benefits of directed Street Lights

Primary strengths are follow

  1. Lower power consumption
  2. Higher power efficacy – mercury vapor is 31 lm/N is exceeded by LED streetlights. You’ll find higher effectiveness rating from for high-pressure sodium lights. Because It contains lost lighting that in turn wastes energy it’s merely deceptive. To /n that is 80lm, several power efficacy of LED streetlights can achieve up in the market.
  3. Lux Per W – a lot more than double that of a mercury vapor street light. The equivalent description for high-pressure salt lamps is skewed by hotspots that bump the lux standing up but trigger unwelcome safety presence and glare issues.
  4. Longer lifetime (50,000 hours)
  5. Solar LED street lights may be remarkably popular.
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It could reduce the cost of solar packages because LED bulbs are energy saving. They can be accepted by many places if the expense is minimal. Click on the website for solar cell packages.

As an example, traditional 150W HPS street lights can be replaced by 60W LED road lamps. All electricity will be saved by it. You’ll discover it is over 30% in two years if you estimate ROI. Will you want to recognize?

Besides, LED is in the semiconductor industry. The efficiency increases quickly. The cost of solar-panel will soon be lower in the foreseeable future.