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Alaskan Malamutes think that the world is a peaceful place, and everyone is a friend, and he really likes the best dog food for dobermans. That means every person who steps into your house. That explains well why he is not a good fit for a watchdog. Many people get scared by his size and keep in mind that is the final protection he is going to give you.
Alaskan Malamutes really enjoy spaces. He does best when he has a lot of room for himself, as well as nothing obstructs him from exercising, or else he is going to get bored and restless. As they are independent by nature, these guys are often labeled as stubborn, or even as far as stupid. The truth is if you can give him the correct training, his wisdom will shine through. Not many other breeds can give you the enjoyment over the years, or accompany you as an active playmate. Basically, he will stay as playful as a puppy for life. I don't know about you, but for me, it's awesome.
We do not recommend this dog for first time owner, because the intelligence they have can combine with their stubbornness, making them a real challenge for the ones who does not want to put a lot of time and effort into training a dog. In a household, this dog will always thrive to be in the top position or the most alpha one in the house. He is not like the Poodles who thrives on the best dog food for poodles Therefore, you should tell everyone in the house to deal with the dog probably so that he can understand the structure in the house. What you want to do is establish that every body in the house is in a higher ranking than the dog.
This is not to indulge anyone in power or anything, or so that anybody can control the dog should he steps into a dangerous situation. For example, playfully, he might knock over a kid due to his big size.
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