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It is believe that one of the obvious signs that a person has a  depressive disorder is when he smokes. Initially, a person who is in distress or anxious relaxes through smoking. But a lot of studies have also shown how heinous smoking effects could be to both the smoker and the people who can inhale its smoke.

And people, being a seeker of new things that could help the betterment of humankind, invented something that has LESS negative impact but has the same effect. That is where vaping comes in.


What is a vape?

It is an electronic cigarette (e-cig) that is operated using a battery, cigarette-shaped that provides a way to consume nicotine.


Nicotine is one of the chemicals that our body can absorbed when we can inhale a cigarette smoke. It is the reason why people get addicted to smoking cigarettes. That is because, once it is gone, our body would start looking for it so we smoke and so on. The cycle goes on and it is why people are finding it difficult to quit smoking.

Debates about how “better” is vape compare to cigarette are still intense.  Some would claim that it is not dangerous at all, some would say it is less dangerous, and some would still stick to the idea that nevertheless, it is still dangerous no matter what. Thus, it is really up to us as to how we view this issue.

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Some believes that it is lesser evil, compare to cigarette, basically because vapes have lesser ingredients compare to cigarettes.

Vapes only consist of four ingredients such as: glycerin (found in vegetables), propylene glycol (used also for treating asthma), nicotine, and food grade flavoring.

Even though it has lesser ingredients, it still contains lethal chemicals like nicotine which is the cause of several types of cancer that smoking can cause. Yes, it is still believed that vapes can cause cancer despite the absence of an official report. It is argued that this is because, cancer develops throughout the years and vapes have just been released and started its manufacturing not until 2003.

There is still a need to wait up to 15-20 years before we can finally conclude if vapes are really safe compared to cigarettes.

Whilst, cigarettes are made up more than 500 additives and when lighted up, can be converted to utmost 4,000 hazardous chemical compounds.

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How popular is vaping, nowadays?

Another concern that people look into vaping is its popularity even to young people. Statistics show that there is an increase of about 14% of teenagers who are using vapes from 2011 to 2015.

Such upturn itself is alarming because even young people are “smoking” and is inhaling nicotine. Studies have shown that nicotine-inhalation at young age can affect a child’s brain. This way, vaping is seen to be endorsing smoking to people who either is not a chain-smoker or haven’t really tried smoking, at all.


There is yet a lot to find out about the effects of vaping to our health and it is still too early to judge. The best option to this is to just quit smoking slowly. The effects after quitting smoking are abrupt that it will even encourage you to stop smoking immediately.

Why would you have to settle for the LESSER evil when there is a way for you to completely be away from it?