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Over the past few years, the purchase of second hand earthmoving equipment has increased due to economic factors. While it is said that such machines do not wear out easily there are several things that need to be considered.


Here is a list of factors that you must keep in mind before buying used machinery. This gives you a better look at the condition of the machine.

  • The engine

Looking into the engine should be your priority, if the engine is not starting or it’s starting with a lot of smoke then its better you stay away from the particular machine. Take your time and test the machine before purchasing it, if you aren’t familiar with the model have the broker explain you its controls.

  • Look under the machine
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Make sure that you bend a little and check if there are any liquids of fluids leaking from underneath the engine. Do not forget the cylinders and the backhoe for an in depth inspection.

  • Welding scars

The machinery used in earthmoving gets beaten up a lot and it often breaks due to heavy hits. The breakage leads to welding which can never be as strong as the original metal. Look out for these signs.

  • Noises       

Beware of the weird noises made while hitting the brake or drive train. While the seller might say that it’s nothing, it is definitely something and must not be ignored.

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Earthmoving Contractors in Brisbane offer several used machines for earthmoving purposes, so if you are interested get in touch with them now. You should always go for the popular models as it makes it easier for you to understand the operating system along with its pros and cons.