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Mobile Friendly Web Site Design 

Useful Tips and Tricks Every Site Should Implement

People nowadays use smart phones quite frequently for viewing websites and for online shopping. Thus, if you want to establish your online presence then you will have to improve functionality and usability of the site so that it can viewed and used on mobile phones the same way as it can be used on desktop computers. Our aim here will be to go through some of the aspects your web development Toronto firm needs to look into to achieve this goal.

Tips to Make Mobile Friendly Design 

Use of Images

web development TorontoAt present smart phones are available in a range of resolutions and capable of providing high quality display. This makes designers include all available features on the site to make it look professional. But such action can prove to be counterproductive since these additional features would increase size of your site, making it load slowly. Many times internet connectivity over mobile phones is slower in comparison to network speed you get over a desktop connection. As such, your site will be loading slowly over such mobile connections and make visitors leave the site even before it loads completely.

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Consequently, the aim should be to include only the most important features and aspects on your mobile site. In terms of use of images, aim should be use a mix of normal and vector images along with compression to improve loading speed of your site.

Prevent Doorslams

If upon landing on a page the visitor gets to see a full screen ad rather that main content of the site then it is called as doorslam. This can be very annoying for users and most likely thing they will do is immediately leave your site. One of the things designers can do is make use of Javascript and make sure a visitor is not shown such doorslam after visitor closes it. It is an essential requirement of your site then the aim should be make it less intrusive.

Enhance Touch Targets

Due to small screen mobile phones have it is necessary for web development Toronto firms to create touch targets which are easy to tap on. In this context it is necessary to make use of standards regarding width of such targets as well as consider the screen density. Another thing designers can do is take into consideration the physical dimensions of devices on which you are expecting users to view your site.

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As for instance, if any particular target is about 44px square then it will show as 7.4mm in case your site is opened on a device with low DPI screen. On the other hand, such target will be only about 2.5mm if the user uses a mobile with high density screen for viewing your site. Some of the other things designers need to do will be:

  • Ensure there is a gap of at least 2mm between targets.
  • There are less number of targets on a page.

In Conclusion

To summarize we will say that there are various design aspects which need special attention in case the website is to be viewed on a mobile phone. Proper implementation will ensure that you get similar page views as achieved for desktop version of your site.