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An Overview of Three Useful Techniques 

for Attracting and Retaining Visitors on a Website

The primary aim of every website is to draw visitors attention and get higher sales on the site. This becomes possible when site is designed properly and has a professional appearance. There are several details custom web design Toronto firms need to take into consideration while designing a site and our aim here will be to look into some of the important ones which can help designers improve design of your site.

How designers can improve your site's design?

Some of the methods designers can utilize to improve your website's design would include the Zeigarnik effect, foveal viewport and progressive enhancement. Let us look at what these are and how custom web design Toronto companies can utilize these methods for improving designs they create.

The Zeigarnik Effect

custom web design TorontoAccording to Zeigarnik effect (also called cliffhanger effect) people find it difficult to bear any type of uncertainty and make an effort to get required answer in shortest period of time. How this effect can be utilized by designers? Designers can attract attention of visitors by ending an article with a shocking revelation or put up some provocative questions for user to reply. It is likely that visitors will feel more interested in thoroughly reading such text or follow a link to know more about that particular topic. Thus, this effect can be used by designers for building strong emotional connection with users, which in turn results in better user interaction on the site.

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The Foveal Viewport

Fovea is the part of eye that gives us central vision. As such, foveal viewport is important for activities where visual details are quite important, as for instance, in driving, viewing TV or reading something. It is also worth mentioning that this foveal area where eye remains focused tends to be quite small and in this foveal area we get a detailed view of object we are looking at. How foveal viewport can be useful for your website's design? As we mentioned above, the foveal area is usually very small, just about visual field of two degrees or 2 thumbnails. As such, custom web design Toronto companies need to add most important elements of your site in this area to draw maximum attention of visitors.

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The Progressive Enhancement

This refers to creation of your site in layered manner. The benefit of using this process is that your website will be having basic functionality which would be working on almost all browsers as well as network connections. Apart from that there will also be some advanced features that would be appropriate for latest browsers. This will ensure that the website will be usable for all visitors while visitors using modern browsers will be able to utilized some of the advanced features your site has to offer.

A Final Note

We will conclude here with a final note that above mentioned strategies can help your site attract visitors as well as retain them for longer duration on the site. If visitors stay for longer duration on your site then it is likely they would explore the site in greater detail and chances of getting a conversion would also increase.