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Do you want to start earning money online quickly? Well you are not alone, everyone does.

How about a simple three-step formula to start earning money online quickly. No, it is not that quick but it works.

Daniel DiPiazza posted this three-step formula which goes like this.

Step 1: Come up with a nice business idea. It has to be an innovative one. Once you have the business idea, create a website (or maybe a blog) for it.

Step 2: Start building email list by offering something free to your target audience. As we call a lead magnet.

Step 3: Once you have people subscribed to your email list, build a relationship with them and start promoting stuff to them.

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That’s one nice way to build a solid business online.

I have been into internet marketing and online business for years and I know that this is perhaps the most lucrative business model that ever existed.

I have been building email lists by offering freebies to my target audience in several niches for past few years and this is how I make money online. So I can tell you from personal experience that this three-step money making formula works for real.

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