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An experience with the whale sharks in the Philippines is a once a lifetime one. We recommend you to watch the whale sharks in Oslob, Philippines. We highly suggest you to leave Cebu City as early as you can because the place is filled with an influx of people when you arrive at 8 am. Technically, these creatures are not a whale but a gigantic shark, the largest living non-mammalian vertebrate with a recorded length of 8 to 12 meters and weigh more than 21 tons.

Below are the tips that you should be reminded of to know before whale shark watching to keep you safe and the whale sharks safety.

Arrive Early

The earliest briefing that you can possibly catch is 6 am so that you can have more time in the water and fewer tourists. When 9 am comes, boatloads of tourists arriving filling the place with their life jackets, lifeboat rings, and tourists that you’ll keep on bumping that could create chaos in the area.

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Go on a weekday

Weekends are so bad that few people may kick you in the face with their fins. So it’s better to truly go there on the weekdays.

Bring your own snorkeling gears

You can purchase snorkeling gears before you get the time to spend your vacation in the Philippines. You can bring yours for hygiene purposes, and most snorkels have signs of mold growth. Dives are easy without a snorkel since the gentle giants can be seen on the surface.

Not allowed to put sunblock

The chemicals inside the body lotions and creams are extremely hazardous to the gentle giants. If you did apply lotions, you can enter the shower and wash off the lotions.

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Never touch the whale sharks

Never ever try to touch them for you to avoid the violation that may lead you to fine 2000 pesos or be in jail for 4 up to 6 months.

For your convenience, you can book a whale shark Kawasan falls package with Cebu Tours. We’ll help you have the most amazing vacations in the Islands of Cebu.