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There are many different size cargo containers available for rent, with the most common sizes being 10, 20 and 40 foot in length. It is possible to get other sizes, such as 8 and 30 foot models, but these can be harder to find and don't really offer any extra benefits other than their reduced sizes. 

10 Foot Containers

10 footers are most commonly used by small businesses for shipping limited amounts of goods around the world. They are also extremely popular as portable storage containment facilities, particularly with the construction industry. In terms of renting, most people use these kind of units at lock-up facilities for storing sports equipment. You can get more details about shipping vessel online through various websites.

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20 Foot Containers

These are the most popular size cargo containers amongst manufacturers and businesses. These are ideal for transporting all kinds of goods, from electronics to cars. These containers can store a remarkable amount of goods, proving to be a favorite with businesses that need extra space for their inventory, as well as with people looking to store their furniture during home renovations.

40 Foot Containers

These extra large containers are most commonly used for transporting large industrial equipment, such as photocopiers, cookers and other types of heavy machinery. Another very common use for this particular size of cargo container, is as a temporary work space. The units (regardless of size) can be adapted with fittings for doors, windows and electrical sockets, also most are weatherproofed and extremely secure.