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Car title loans are known to be very expensive for the poor. But it provides emergency cash quickly to those who have their vehicle. Being a low income group is not a factor which keeps you away from loan. There are lots of people in different income levels end up looking for loan. In fact, loan approval has nothing to do with your income and your vehicle. As the Car Title Loans are for short term, people looking for fast cash for auto, medical, funeral or domestic expenses are likely to seek vehicle loans.


Any of such costs can easily go up to hundred dollars and many people may not have enough in their banks to pay their bill. Credit cards are also used. But when the limit expires, they are of no use. To deal with financial crunch, one has to look for 30-day loans. Car title loans are likely to be quick fix for those who are looking for fast cash. Even the riches have low credit scores. If a person cannot manage the income properly and makes omissions or errors, getting financial help may be a tough job. Credit unions and banks will look favorable for low credit scores. This aspect might be comfortable for emergency situation.