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Traditionally, in days gone by, it was always the bride’s parents who paid for everything in the wedding. However with changes in culture, the bride and groom are working and earning money so tend to pay for everything (or most things) themselves.

Choosing teal formal dresses is a tricky one because the dresses are tailored for the bridesmaid and they keep the dress afterwards. However a bride must remember that they requested their lady to be their bridesmaid so it's quite often the bride who pays for the dresses. Thinking of it from a bridesmaids point of view, you've been asked by your best friend to help them on their big day as a bridesmaid and you're going to be thrilled and excited. Only to then be told “by the way this is your dress and it will cost $300”, some bridesmaids will get upset if they're struggling to afford it and that can build tension before the wedding. If a bride decides to have 1 bridesmaid or 10, they should be prepared for paying for the dresses themselves.

This also helps prevent the arguments over dress style and color. Generally whoever is paying should get the final vote. So if the bride is quite determined to choose the dresses and colors then again they should be happy footing the bill, if the bride is quite relaxed and are happy for the bridesmaids to choose their own dresses then it is an olive branch to get bridesmaids to pay for the dress themselves.